"X-factor" coaching system

This is only available here at Big Sky. It’s a system we’ve developed and refined over the years in helping thousands of members to change their lives. It’s our structured, scientifically-based approach to get you exactly where you want to be . . . in as little time as possible.

When we combine your X-factor (your TRUE MOTIVATION for joining) with our structured, scientifically-based Coaching System, there is NO GUESSWORK. You'll work with the best Trainers in the area . . . with a real plan.

You'll discuss what kind of help you want from your Trainer.

Then for your first 45-minute session, come dressed to begin exercising.

  • Your Trainer will start with your first few exercises, and give you education & coaching on:
    • exercise position
    • path & range of motion
    • speed of movement
    • control/isolation
    • intensity of effort.
    • General nutrition principles
  • Last step in that session: determine which program would best help you to meet your goals.

Then you’ll meet with your Trainer for your second 45-minute session:

  • continue your workout program, and finalize your plan for going forward.

If you listen to us, & follow our system, you’ll start to see SIGNIFICANT CHANGES within 3 weeks.

Come on in and let us help you get started!

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