group fitness classes

100 bazillion AMAZING Group Fitness classes every week ! (ok, maybe not that many… but a LOT !)

Zumba, Spinning, Yoga, PiYo, Piloxing, Insanity, BodyPump, Kickboxing, Pilates. We’ve got it all.

There are several things that you’ll really LOVE about your classes at Big Sky:

1. Variety ! Click on the schedule for the gym closest to you and check it out !

Newington Group-X Schedule

Vernon Group-X Schedule

Simsbury Group-X Schedule

Farmington Group-X Schedule

2. Instructors. These ladies and gents take YOUR workouts VERY seriously. They each hold at least one, and in many cases several, certifications from nationally recognized,professional organizations. (By the way… if you’re a “rock star” Group Fitness Instructor interested in teaching at Big Sky, we’re always looking for great talent !)

3. Atmosphere: These are some of the BIGGEST, coolest, most fun Group Fitness Studios in CT ! Other than for your more “mind-body” formats such as yoga and pilates, you’re likely to feel the energy of a rock concert when your instructor is using Big Sky’s state-of-the-art sound systems to move your soul…
(or maybe just shake the mirrors !).

Maybe you’re someone who’s been taking classes elsewhere for years. Or maybe you’ve heard about a certain class that you think might be fun to try ! Either way, go ahead and get in here !!

You don’t need anyone’s permission but your own. Gyms with classes can add fun and variety to your workouts. We must warn you, however, that you do run the risk of having too much fun, wanting to come back again and again, and ending up in the best shape of your life !
(Darn it – we hate when that happens !!)

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