TREAT YOURSELF to a full body massage, right here at the gym.

Available with your membership*, Big Sky New Britain’s top of the line Hydro
Massage lounge chair is 15 minutes of pure “AHHH”.

Customize your perfect massage powered by heated water jets. You can target
specific areas that need a little extra TLC, or go for the full body experience. This
will work wonders on your sore muscles, speed up your recovery, or just give you
a few minutes to yourself, all while being able to stay fully dressed.

Stop by for more info, give us a call, or click here (need link to form for name and
email address – how to create an email coupon?) for a free 15 min trial Hydro

Massage ! You won’t regret it !!

Massage Therapists are available at our Vernon location. Click here for more info!

*included with blue membership. Also available as an upgrade to orange membership, or can pay per session.

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