Working out Comfortably with a Mask in 2021

Wearing a mask while working out can seem challenging at first, but the reality is, they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Many of us have gotten used to wearing masks in our daily lives, but some are still skeptical about how they’ll be able to work out with a mask on. Realistically you don’t have a choice, masks MUST be worn at all times and before you say that it’s going to be too difficult, give it a try! It’s not so bad, and we’re all so used to wearing them nowadays that it’s become the first thing we grab while leaving the house.

When choosing your mask there are a few suggestions we’d like to make before your workout:

Consider an adjustable mask. Masks that are too big or too small might not offer the best protection, or they may make it feel like your breathing is restricted. A mask that has adjustable straps can ensure you are breathing without discomfort.

Try a variety of masks. While surgical masks are cheaper and disposable, they are more likely to get damp quicker and decrease your protection against the virus. Reusable cloth masks are a bit more expensive but a great investment if you will be working out frequently. The best bet is to try a few different masks out and see which one works best for you. If you are struggling with your breathing, try using an insert to help create some space between your mouth and your mask.

Wash your mask after every workout. The advantage of wearing a cloth or cotton mask is that many are washable. Wash your mask after every workout or wearing because bacteria and viruses can live on cloth fabric.

Bring a backup mask. If you are planning to work out for a prolonged amount of time, consider bringing a backup mask in case your first mask becomes damp.

Focus on your breathing. When you are working out, you want to ensure you’re breathing as comfortably as possible. If you start to feel any discomfort or dizziness, stop immediately.

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