Find your TRUE motivation.

Enjoy this guest post by Journey Coach Cary.

moˑ tiˑ va ˑtion   [mōdә’vāSH(ә)n ] noun

The reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way
ˑThe general desire or willingness of someone to do something

People are quick to throw around the word MOTIVATION. It’s on posters, magnets, bookmarks. People will put cliché quotes all over their social media page. Hell, there are even entire books written on it- like it’s a pot of gold that no one can find.

The questions I want answered are; why all of a sudden do we have it? And why in the blink of an eye does it fade away?

Once these questions are answered, maybe we’ll have a better understanding as to what we can do as individuals to become, and more importantly, stay motivated. People have motivation to do things that have a short term result and then there are things that require a little bit more patience and drive that will get you a long term result. One is NOT more important than the other. We want instant gratification. It’s human nature. Cleaning out a room that’s been eating away at you for the past couple months will get you the desired result within a day, or a weekend. Losing 25lbs….that requires more patience and long term motivation.

In both instances, the motivation behind starting either process was driven by a negative feeling, or a desire to feel better about a situation.

The problem we deal with on a daily basis is that those people who are so motivated to change are the same people that have a difficult time staying motivated. Eat right for two weeks, do cardio and strength train, hit your water goal and get good sleep.

As the story goes, you get on the scale after two weeks and you’ve lost 2lbs! WTF.  I am not a stranger  to that look of disappointment and failure. In my eyes, two pounds in two weeks is progress! How do you walk out of the gym staying as motivated as when you first walked in when you feel as though you didn’t get the result you wanted?

These are the individuals that tend to lose motivation. So the question is; how do you get it back?! You won’t get the answer today in this blog. Maybe you didn’t realize what kind of commitment it was going to take. Maybe you didn’t realize that the body doesn’t respond as fast as the mind would like it to.

I think there are a few things that get in the way of people staying motivated.  Ingratitude , envy, impatience, loss of meaning , and having no skin in the game. I’ll get into each one specifically in the weeks to come, but if one is jumping out at you chances are that may be the culprit.

I’ll end on this thought:  it doesn’t help to know all the things you should be doing. Without action, knowledge will only lead to frustration.

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