Whether you call it “electric beach”, “100 proof bronzing”, or just plain “soakin’ up the rays”, you can get a deep, dark, beautiful tan right here at the Big Sky Tanning Salon*.  And doesn’t everybody look better with a tan ?

Whether it’s your first time tanning, or you’re looking to maintain your current tan, Big Sky tanning beds work for all tanning levels. The bulbs are always fresh to make sure your tan is always perfect !

Big Sky Unlimited Tanning is available for only $10 to $29 per month,
and both members and non-members are welcome !

If you’re seeing them for the first time, you might describe tanning beds as “coffin-like” and a bit intimidating.  Try one, though, and you’ll know right away that you’re immersing yourself into an environment of cozy warmth and instant relaxation… some time just for you to just drift away . . .

Tan your skin.  Refresh your body.  Soothe your mind.

The beds are available on a “first come – first serve” basis.  You’ll be set-up for anywhere from 10 to 20 minute sessions, depending on the fairness of your skin and whether or not you’ve got a base tan. 

Don’t forget the protective eyewear!  If you don’t have any of your own, they’re available for purchase at the Front Desk.

Last thing here:  if you’re in a rush to be bronzed, or if you’re a “hardcore” tanner, you may want to try the bronzers and accelerators (also available at the Front Desk).  These top-of-the-line skin bronzers help you to see instant results, while the accelerators will give you long-lasting color.

*The gyms with tanning are Big Sky Newington and New Britain.

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