A sense of peace is PRICELESS!

Big Sky is proud to have Gus Bottazzi as part of our new “Defend Yourself Training” program (DYT). Gus has been working with our DYT Coaches, preparing to launch this new program, sharing his skill and experience, and is a valued member of the Big Sky Team. Check out this guest post from Gus…

 “A sense of peace is PRICELESS!”

One question I’m repeatedly asked is “Do I really need to worry about self-defense if I live in <fill in the blank/nice neighborhood>? It’s not exactly a high-risk area, right?”

Hollywood has done a lot to condition our psyche with respect to when to feel threatened. Dark alleys and ominous street corners in vacated sections of large cities seem to be where all the nefarious action takes place on screen. Swelling music right before the attack is also a great cue. Sadly, real life does not offer us such a simple formula to consider…

And Darien, Greenwich, Simsbury, or Avon have none of those risks, right? . . . Perhaps not.

What is real, however, is that all residents of these seemingly safe communities, leave those communities at some point for work, college, vacations, or business travel. West Hartford and Farmington, for example, will probably never be hotbeds of criminal activity, but as high school students go away to college, college students graduate and start new jobs in unfamiliar and possibly “not quite as safe” cities, holiday season brings day trips to NYC, and business travel potentially takes you to all points on the globe, the ability to feel safe when confronted by the unexpected or the unsavory will be comforting.

Just to be clear, I do not believe in paranoid notions of the “boogie man” being around any corner, but I do believe that knowing what I know has enabled me to walk in any city or be surrounded by “uncomfortable/threatening” elements, and still feel confident that I can protect myself.

This sense of peace if priceless.  Even more priceless is the knowledge that, if called to, I could protect my family & my loved ones.

I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to many foreign destinations with my family on vacation, and was once confronted by a large, seemingly drunken derelict in their presence. No anxiety or high stress moments followed, as I knew that everything would be ok if I just followed my training on how to handle these situations.

All you need to do is watch the evening news to understand that despite all efforts to the contrary, sometimes dangerous situations and criminal activities can take place anywhere. These are the reasons I have personally advocated that my entire family become trained in Krav Maga. They benefit from being better at handling themselves if confronted, as well as getting a great workout in the process. I benefit by feeling more confident that they’re safe when they leave the house.

Investing in self-defense is a bit like learning how to swim.

You may not live near the water, but you want to be able to swim in case you ever fall in.

Make sure you can defend yourself if you “fall into” a violent encounter. Isn’t your personal safety, and the safety of your loved ones, worth the further exploration of self- defense?

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