Big Sky Vernon – August Update

Hello again everyone – here’s the latest recap, and the plan going forward, for all your club improvements at Big Sky Vernon:

vernon turf area

UPSTAIRS WORKOUT AREA:  nearly finished.  Drop ceilings gone, NEW lighting, BETTER HVAC (and air flow !), paint, two turf areas, carpeting . . . ALL NEW !

The only area out there that hasn’t been finished is around the HVAC chase in the cardio area.   That will all be completed over the next few weeks as we renovate the main stairs.

WOMEN’S ONLY AREA:  unfortunately, with the work now being done on the main stairs, we have to redirect everyone to use the stairs in this area.  Ladies, we’re sorry for the inconvenience of temporarily having less privacy, but we waited until the slowest weeks of the year before starting on those main stairs just so we could minimize the impact to you.  We’ll get the work done as quickly as we can so that the club’s “traffic patterns” can return to normal.

MASSAGE:  the two BEAUTIFUL, NEW rooms upstairs (behind the bathrooms) are finished.  Carlie and her clients are using Room 1 now, and Barb and her clients will move upstairs as we get further along with the work downstairs.

vernon zumba

NEW GROUP X STUDIO:    Your NEW studio is 75% LARGER than the old “Studio 1”.     The 1st of its kind in Connecticut, this studio was designed to be comfortable for people at all different fitness levels.

Whether you like to be front & center “leading the charge”, or tucked away in a corner with a little more privacy, the distinctive angles and textured window design allow you to find the space that’s right for you.

Unfortunately, 3 days before we opened this new studio, the middle of the 3 air-conditioning units in there — died.   The compressor is blown, and it’s a 30-year old unit, so we’ve ordered a new one to replace it.  Thanks for your patience – and the room will be even cooler once that’s in.

vernon exterior


EXTERIOR OF THE BUILDING:  once the masons came in to do some repairs on the outside, it became obvious that there was more work there than we originally thought, so the job took a few weeks longer than we had hoped.  Now that it’s all fixed though, with its NEW COLORS & PAINT JOB, we hope you agree that it was worth the wait !

POOL:  So that we can drain it down, do a thorough annual cleaning and touch-ups, the pool will be closed starting August 30th, and will re-open Monday, September 7th.

SPINNING:  Now that the NEW GROUP X STUDIO is complete, we’ll be almost DOUBLING the amount of space for your spinning classes !   Demolition of the old Studio 2 has already begun, and when the work’s all done, you’re gonna LOVE it !

LADIES’ LOCKER ROOM:  ok, then once the NEW SPINNING STUDIO is finished, the current spinning studio will be converted and made part of what will be a NEW, BIGGER, MUCH NICER WOMEN’S LOCKER ROOM right there next to the pool.

MEN’S LOCKER ROOM:  and finally, the last part of the “Master Plan” . . . once the NEW ladies’ room is finished, we’ll be converting the other ladies’ locker room (the one next to the big stairs in the middle of the club) into the NEW MEN’S LOCKER ROOM.

This will allow ALL of these changes to make even more sense as the last piece of the puzzle comes together.  Once the Men’s Locker Room is moved, we’ll be knocking down the old Men’s Locker Room.

We’ll create a better Family Changing Room and bathroom for kids using the pool, and then THE ENTIRE REST OF THE OLD MEN’S ROOM will become part of the downstairs strength training area.  That’ll be an almost 70% INCREASE IN SPACE FOR WORKING OUT DOWNSTAIRS !!

vernon lower level 2

OK, that’s a lot going on, but we’ll continue to manage the process so there’s as little disruption to your use and enjoyment of the club as possible.

THANK YOU EVERYONE for being so supportive, understanding, and complimentary about the changes while they’re being made !!

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