gym etiquette 101

Here’s some great advice from Big Sky Vernon Team Member Anne Crone:

*ATTENTION* DO NOT read if you have no sense of humor 🙂

Gym Etiquette 101

Gyms are filled with a variety of people.  You’ll see millennials, Stepford wives, retirees, gym rats and wannabe body builders; a smorgasbord of different gym-goers. Regardless, everyone is sharing the same space and equipment therefore; they should all be following the same gym guidelines. Though the specifics may differ from place to place, there are some universal etiquette points that should be kept in mind, no matter where you’re getting your sweat on:

Wipe Down the EquipmentGym Etiquette - BLOG - image for FB ad (2)

Cleanliness should be a given when sharing equipment, right? I’d hope so. We’ve probably all seen the person who doesn’t wipe down their cardio machine or leaves a big sweaty puddle on the bench after they lift. That’s just gross!

Don’t be that person!

Personal Hygiene is Key

Just because you sweat, doesn’t mean you have to smell! Although it may seem like common sense, it is important to apply an appropriate amount of deodorant before starting your workout. On the flip side, leave the heavy cologne or perfume at home.

Limit the Flash PhotographyGym Etiquette - BLOG - image for FB ad (3)

We get it . . . if you don’t post it, did it really even happen? But believe me; it’s not worth annoying the guy next to you just to get 100 likes on your selfie!

Make Sure You’re Familiar with Your Gym’s Policies

If you’re going to bring in chalk, make sure it doesn’t look like a Nor Easter happened in the free weight area.

Drop weights below the knees – not below the belt.

Thinking of hitting the treadmill in flip flops? May want to rethink that idea; management (and your toes) will thank you! 

Put equipment away!Gym Etiquette - BLOG - image for FB ad (4) (1)

This falls into the “What if this stuff was yours?” department. After you finish an exercise, put stuff back where it goes!  Simple enough.

Step Away from the Rack

“Step away from the rack and no one gets hurt!”  But seriously, you might not get hurt but the mirror nearby has a good chance of breaking if you need to bail on a lift too close to the wall.  “I want 7 years of bad luck,” said no one ever!

Don’t Be an Equipment Hog

Calling shot gun only counts in reserving your seat in the car, not on the squat rack. Draping paper towels or implementing the phantom gym water bottle on the equipment scheme is inconsiderate.

Also on a side note, no one owns the deed to a “lot of land” in the Group Studio.  Group Classes are like a general admission concert… first come first serve.

It’s pretty simple, right?

 These guidelines are meant to be a way to keep you and other gym goers safe, help you feel more confident, and get the most out of your time at the gym.

Hope you had a little chuckle while buffing up on your Basic Gym Etiquette. Now go out there and be the best member around!

Always remember… Better Gyms, Better Workouts, Better RESULTS !

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