Our Credo: Our statement of beliefs

Our Credo [kree-doh] noun: 1. Our statement of beliefs and principles  2. Our mindset.

At Big Sky… WE CHANGE LIVES.  We believe in the power of fitness to transform… to inspire.  We believe in a world of endless possibilities.  We work hard.  We finish strong.  We believe in our ability to create the very best version of ourselves… every day.  We strive to improve… to excel… to rise above.  We are dedicated to a healthy lifestyle.  Making the most of ourselves for the people we care about.  Our families.  Our community of friends.  We believe in a life well lived.  We appreciate what we have, while we reach for more.  Leaner, stronger, more confident.  We are comfortable in our own skin.  We embrace the journey.  We NEVER GIVE UP!  We lead by example.  Always Positive and Always Getting Better.  We respect and learn from our differences.  We believe we are stronger together.

We are Big Sky… Fitness for the human race.

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