49 and fit !

Lisa Gorman of Ellington has been working out at Big Sky Vernon with her Trainer, Deyquan Little.

She was kind enough to share her success story and photos with us:

“I’ve worked out for most of my life, with a few breaks. I ate “pretty well,” but always wanted to lose 10-20 pounds. I had tried dieting several times, but had a hard time losing the weight. It was as if my body was resisting, no matter what I tried. And I hated being hungry!

As I approached my late 40s, I started to think that maybe I had reached an age where it’s almost impossible to lose weight. Then I started working with my Big Sky Trainer Deyquan and it made all the difference for me! Deyquan helped me target train my body to achieve results! His training was more focused than simply going to classes or working out by myself. Most importantly, he helped me develop a food plan to properly fuel my body. I stopped thinking about dieting and started thinking about food as fuel. Now I focus more on feeding my body the proper amount and mix of food that it needs. 

I was diligent in following my plan, and within 6 months I dropped 20 POUNDS and 7.5% BODY FAT!  I’m going to be 49 next month and I don’t even care, because I’m happy with my body! I love my workouts and spin classes, and I truly enjoy the way I eat now!”

Thanks for sharing your story Lisa. You look AMAZING!  We think you’re “Forty-Nine, Fit, and Fabulous!!”

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