she lost 40 pounds at big sky !

Meral Aysan of Willington has been working with her Trainer Alexis at Big Sky Vernon.  She’s agreed to answer a few questions for us and share her story:

Q.  When you first started working with your Trainer, what were your primary goals?

A.  My primary goals were to lose weight, tone, and gain muscle.

Q.  Why was that important to you?

A.  For self-confidence and overall better health.

Q.  What got you motivated to start working out?

A.  I had reached my highest weight and was always feeling sick, tired, and unhappy.

Q.  What have been your results so far?

A.  So far I’ve lost 40 pounds! I also have better eating habits and more stamina.

Q.  How did Big Sky help you reach your goals?

A.  My Trainer Alexis was always showing me new workouts, and Big Sky provided a non-threatening environment I could feel comfortable in.

Q.  What activities are you participating in now?

A.  I do cardio and strength training 5 – 6 days a week. I’m also hiking and doing more outdoor activities, including running.

Q.  What advice would you share with others who are just starting out?

A.  Never Give Up! Slow and steady still gives you RESULTS!

Thanks for sharing your story with us Meral. 

Always Remember… Better Workouts. Better RESULTS!

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