Success Story – Valeria Lacourciere

Valeria Lacourciere of New Britain joined Big Sky when another gym in the area closed.  Like many people who start a fitness program, she joined with the intention of losing weight, but soon realized that her aspirations ran much deeper.  valeria - before1Valeria had seen two family members pass away from complication from diabetes.  She knew she wanted to live a healthy, long life.  Getting healthier would also help her deal with the stress from her job as a news producer. valeria - after2

Valeria met trainer Jeremy Goodman when she was on the elliptical at Big Sky New Britain.  Knowing that she needed an extra “push” to get to the gym and stay accountable, she tells us that from that day on she never looked back.    “I have a really hectic schedule and I knew I would find an excuse if I was just on my own.  The added support really helps keep me on track. Jeremy and the other trainers are great to work with.  They’re always encouraging and willing to go the extra mile to help you accomplish your goals.”

Speaking of goals, so far Valeria has lost 40 POUNDS !  Her blood pressure has improved, her energy is much higher and she feels she has a better outlook on life.  She’s also run two 5K’s.  Living healthy is a life-long commitment for her now.

Great Job Valeria !!  Thanks for sharing your story.

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