It’s all worth it.

Angela Hathaway of South Windsor felt like she was “spinning her wheels” and not getting any results from her workout program.  She had a friend who was working with a trainer at Big Sky Vernon and seeing awesome success.  In comparison, Angela felt like she was putting in the time, but not getting the results her friend was seeing, so she made the decision to start working with with Trainer Deyquan Little.

Angela started working with Deyquan twice a week and doing additional cardio or taking group classes 5 days a week.

In 5 months she’s lost 16 POUNDS and gone down 2 SIZES ! 

Angela Hathaway photo


She tells us she “has more energy than ever and feels awesome” !

We asked Angela what advice she would give others who may be just starting out.  He reply was,

“The first 4 weeks are tough… like being hazed!  Don’t give up!  It’s all worth it.  Remember why you’re doing it and never lose sight of your goal.  If you have a bad day, or even a week, dust yourself off and keep going!”

Thanks for those words of wisdom Angela !  We agree… keep going… its’ all worth it !

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