Once an Athlete Always an Athlete

Paul Rosenbeck of Bolton was always athletic, but over the years his body no longer reflected that athleticism. After realizing how much he had “let himself go” Paul decided to give himself a year to reach his goal of losing weight and getting back into shape.

With the help of his Trainer Jeremiah at Big Sky Vernon, Paul was able to lose 20 pounds in just nine months.  He says he was able to accomplish his goals by staying focused and forcing himself to show up. Knowing Jeremiah was there waiting for him was enough motivation for Paul!

Since his transformation, Paul enjoys skiing, mountain biking, swimming, weightlifting and training. His advice to anyone looking to lose weight, “Start now and stick with it! There’s no perfect time. You’ll wish you had started a year from now.”

Paul’s favorite thing about his weight loss is the endless compliments. The best compliment he received was from his wife, when she said she was proud of him.

Such a great story, Paul! Thanks for sharing your success.

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