Commitment is Key

Stephanie Sullivan of Weatogue is a mother of two. After having her second child, Stephanie decided she needed to make some changes. She was sleep deprived, had developed poor eating habits and lacked confidence.

After listening to the advice of and recommendations of friends, she decided to try personal training. At first, she wasn’t sure she would be able to commit. After 10 months of hard work with Big Sky Trainer Joanna, commitment and perseverance, Stephanie was able to lose 25 pounds and 8% body fat!

Her advice, “Stick with it! Measure yourself regularly. Sometime the scale seems to move slowly, but when you’re losing inches and body fat the difference is huge.”

We asked Stephanie what her favorite thing about Big Sky is and she said, “the awesome trainers! They also have great equipment and Big Sky Simsbury is close to my house.”

Thanks for sharing your story Stephanie! Way to go.

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