Wedding Weight Loss

Brittany Bartholomew of Manchester was planning for her upcoming wedding. She had one goal for her big day…lose the weight!
She gave herself 10 months to get down to her goal weight, look beautiful in her dress and feel comfortable on her special day.
After driving by the Big Sky sign so many times, Brittany decided she would stop in to get some more information. After joining, she started training with Alexis, and her whole life changed.
She started weight training, doing more cardio and learned how to improve her form! She attributes her success to her trainer, consistent exercise and better eating habits.
We asked Brittany if she had any advice for people looking to lose the weight and she said “Work with one of Big Sky’s trainers! They’ll teach you what to do so you can stop guessing.”
With the help of her trainer,  discipline and hard work, Brittany accomplished her weight loss goal and looked stunning in her wedding dress!!
Congratulations on all the success you’ve had, Brittany! And thanks for sharing your story with us.

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