Exercise Saved Her Life

Barbara Morey, a member of Big Sky Vernon has exercise to thank for saving her life.
One morning Barbara was doing chores in her home and felt a shortness of breath. She knew something was wrong.

After admitting herself to the hospital, Barbara was told she had had a serious and almost fatal blood clot. It was because of her increased oxygenation levels and good health, that Barbara’s body was able to keep the clot at a level 8 and prevent it from reaching a level 10, fatality.
With the help of Big Sky’s X-Factor coaching system, she was able to prevent a tragedy. Working with her trainer, John, has allowed Barbara to do so much!

Before her trip to the ICU, she lost 40 lbs, gained strength, and improved her cardiovascular health, all of which led to Barbara being able to overcome her terrifying health scare. Two weeks after her life-threatening blood clot, she was back at Big Sky, working out 3 times a week, doing cardio and working with her trainer, in addition to walking her rescue dog Bella everyday, as well as balancing a full time job at Goodwin College teaching nursing.

We asked Barbara what keeps her going and she said, “Keep active in brain and body, don’t be complacent, no matter how old you are… and get off the couch!”

Thanks for sharing your story, Barbara!! And keep up the amazing work you’re doing at Big Sky!

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