One Look In The Mirror Is All It Took

Teresa Niderno of Ellington saw a photo of herself and knew she needed to make some changes. She looked in the mirror and realized it was time to get some help from a trainer.
As a hairstylist, she had heard from her clients that Big Sky was known for getting better results… faster. Her primary goals were to lose weight and body fat.
She had always worked out, but never pushed herself hard enough to see major changes.
Working with Big Sky Vernon trainer, Alexis was exactly what Teresa needed!
After 8 months, Teresa lost 22-lbs, 4 inches and 7% body fat! With Alexis’ help Teresa was able to see improvement both in her physical appearance and in her diet.We asked Teresa if she had any words of advice and she said, “nothing changes if nothing changes!” Wise words to live by.  She said her favorite part of her transformation is that people say she looks younger and that she is glowing.
Thanks for sharing your story with us Teresa. Keep up the good work!


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