Big Sky Fitness Success Story – Arm Envy

Pam Hyde of Hartford found Big Sky after being referred by the co-worker of a friend.  She was “absolutely skeptical” but she got sick of feeling the way she was feeling, and decided to make a change.  Pam had been very active as a gymnast in college, but since then she felt like her health was deteriorating. 

Pam’s primary goals included improving her health, losing weight, and gaining strength.  She began working with a Trainer at Big Sky Vernon, and in the past 14 months, not only has she lost more than 30 POUNDS, she’s also watched her blood pressure, resting heart rate and cholesterol all fall from unhealthy levels to athlete levels

In addition to working with a Personal Trainer at Big Sky, Pam’s activities now include hiking with her puppy, Tough Mudder adventure races, and “occasionally trying to tumble and be a gymnast” anywhere she can.  She’s learned how to exercise appropriately and how to create meal plans that work for her.  Pam tells us that Big Sky offers her “support, challenge, accountability and fun” – and that training is her very favorite thing about Big Sky!

When we asked Pam what advice she’d like to share with other people who might just be starting out, she told us “Don’t do things because you think you should, you have to, or someone’s telling you to.  Own your training and your life in the way YOU want to.  Find a lifestyle you can live with forever and work toward it”.

Great advice Pam.  Thanks for sharing…

arm-envy-before-and-after-image-for-fb-adAnd we agree with that guy at the gym who said “It’s not often that I say I want the arms of a chick”!  We have arm envy too!  🙂

Keep up the great work.  See you at Big Sky!

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