“never, never, never give up!”

Mother of five, Liz Lackman of Willington, has been working out at Big Sky Vernon with her Trainer Alexis.  She was kind enough to answer some questions for us and share her experience:


Q.  How did you find Big Sky?

A.  My best friend Devra was a member and kept talking about Big Sky. She brought me as a guest.

Q.  What was your primary goal and why was that your focus?

A.  To look and feel awesome… because I deserve to look and feel awesome after raising five remarkable children!

Q.  What got you motivated to start working out?

A.  My Trainer Alexis. She has helped me change my life forever, and she will always be an important friend. 

Q.  What’s your favorite thing about Big Sky?

A.  Alexis is my favorite thing about Big Sky! Plus, when I can’t remember what exercises are on my workout log, (which happens a lot!) the staff has been super friendly and helpful.  The effort Big Sky makes in maintaining the equipment and making the place awesome is incredible.  I also love the fact that my membership includes as many classes as I’d like to take.  There are not any other gyms that I know of that have this as part of their membership.

Q.  What’s the best compliment that you’ve received since joining Big Sky?

A.  When I see people I know and they don’t know who I am!

Q.  Do you have any advice you’d like to share with people who might just be starting out?

A.  Never, never, never give up. You will have set backs, but it’s OK.  Just never, never, never give up!

Thank you for sharing your success with us Liz!

Thank you for being here, and changing my life!


Always remember… Better Gyms.  Better RESULTS!


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