Happily Ever After

And She Lived Happily Ever After

Once upon a time, Cindy Rella wanted to start her New Year off right! She had big hopes of losing fifteen pounds and turning her jiggle into muscle, so she decided to join Big Sky Fitness. She was sure this was her ticket to losing that weight and becoming a lean machine.


Cindy bought a sporty outfit and brand new kicks and was ready to hit the gym full steam ahead! “Wow, what to do first?!” she thought. “I know what I want to accomplish, but how will I get there?”


On her first day at the gym she hopped on the treadmill for 20 minutes. Not long after, she was enchanted by the bright and colorful weights, kettlebells and more that lined the fresh turf area. “Hmmm . . .” thought Cindy. “This all looks so amazing, but I don’t know how to use any of it properly.” She could almost hear her two (evil) step-sisters laughing and mocking her later for her lack of fitness knowledge. Cindy took out her iPhone and Googled exercises to do with these fun pieces of equipment, but didn’t get very far. “Ugh, this is too awkward and unfamiliar,” she thought and left.


Fast forward to two months later; Cindy was up to 30 minutes on the treadmill and had incorporated some limited lifting with the smaller weights, but still had no clue how to use the brightly-colored toys on the turf. “I’m not sure if I’m doing this right,” she said to herself, “but at least I’m exercising I suppose.”


Time continued on and our poor Cindy had become utterly distraught that she hadn’t lost a pound. “Whatever shall I do?” she exclaimed to herself. “I just feel like I want to give up!” Still, she pressed on and headed to the gym. Thoughts raced through her mind, “Why even bother going in to do the same old thing if it’s getting you nowhere?!”

Suddenly, who should appear in her passenger seat but her Fairy Godmother! “Is this really happening or is that Dunkin’ Turbo shot going to my head?” wondered Cindy.  “Cindy, dear, don’t forget, you still have those two free sessions with a Personal Trainer at Big Sky” exclaimed the Fairy Godmother. “Honey, it’s very common for people to try different diets and work out hard, but then see slow or little progress. Most times their lack of progress wasn’t because they weren’t trying hard enough, it was because they didn’t have the RIGHT PLAN.” And with that the Fairy Godmother disappeared as quickly as she came. Cindy felt a sudden surge of motivation! She marched right up to the desk and booked her first session with a Trainer!


Fast forward three more months and Cindy has lost 10 pounds and, guess what – no more jiggle! She now uses all those brightly-colored pieces of equipment on the turf to help strengthen her core. Bonus: her body fat has dropped significantly thanks to all those functional exercises she’s been doing! “Imagine,” thought Cindy, “if I had met with a Trainer when I first joined, instead of waiting, I would be in even better shape today! Nevertheless, I’m still so excited and proud to be where I am on this journey towards a better me!”


Today, Cindy continues to work with her Trainer, reaching new goals that she had previously only dreamed of achieving. She’s even been seen helping others on their fitness journey, including fellow member Mr. Charming, who she met at the squat rack. Dare we say it sounds like a happily ever (fitter) after…?

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