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Every once in a while, we’re humbled and motivated by the actions of one of our members.  Often, we see members who achieve positive results and improvements in their health through their workouts, but occasionally we encounter someone who transforms all aspects of their life through their efforts at Big Sky.

One example of this is Enrique Bustamante. He’s at the club numerous times every week utilizing the pool, the weight machines, and socializing with members. He always parks in the very back of the parking lot regardless of the weather.   We were very curious about Enrique’s story so we sat down with him to find out what motivates him and why he started working out at Big Sky.

Three years ago, Enrique became a member at Big Sky after spending two years as a patient at Gaylord Hospital.  He was there to receive physical therapy after becoming paralyzed from the waist down during a horrific accident while doing demolition work at Quinnipiac University.  He was told that he would never walk again and would spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair.  When he joined Big Sky he was still in a wheelchair, however he was determined to walk again and decided to change his fate.  Miraculously, he has done just that.  He comes to the gym four times per week and works out for two hours each time. Time in the pool and using the weight machines and stretching has proven to be a winning combination for him.  The workouts have helped him get out of the wheelchair and progress to a walker.  Now he only uses the walker for balance and his goal is to be free of the walker and walking on his own in two years.  Not only has coming to the gym changed his physical body, but it has also positively changed his mental and emotional health.

“I decided to register [at Big Sky] to continue my progress, and working out at the gym helped to distract me. I became friends with the people I met there. The gym helped me a lot. My mental health improved because I could laugh and be silly. My emotional and physical health improved through the kindness and dedication of the employees. For example, when I need a recommendation, they’re willing to share their knowledge and some strategies for working out. Being a part of Big Sky helps me a lot, and every day I feel stronger.”

We know you’ll be successful Enrique! We’re motivated by your commitment to your health and well-being and we’re cheering you on!  We are humbled and proud to have you as a part of our Big Sky family!


Enrique’s not letting his injury hold him back!

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