A Healthy Family is a Happy Family

Chris and Heather Haas of Simsbury started their fitness journey together in January of 2018.  Chris is a diabetic and needed to start losing weight for medical reasons. Heather wanted to support her husband and felt she too could lose some weight. With the help of their trainer Josh at Big Sky Simsbury, Chris and Heather were able to make some much needed changes.

After over a year of working with Josh, Chris is down 50 lbs. and was able to stop taking his prescription medication. Heather said she has lost almost 30 lbs. and is only 2 lbs. away from reaching her ultimate goal!

They both agreed that working with Josh was extremely motivating and he pushed them both to reach their goals. Combining cardio, strength training and even some classes, helped the Haas’ tremendously.

Chris says the best compliment he received so far is that he “looks too skinny!” As for Heather, she said her favorite compliment is “you look great!”

Being consistent, committed and driven transformed Chris and Heather’s lives!

Way to go you two!

Chris and Heather Haas - Before
Chris and Heather Haas - After

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