The Michael Saga

Michael Darienzo of Newington was looking to join a gym in order to lose weight, increase muscle, and improve his overall quality of life. A quick Google search led him to Big Sky Newington and then to his Big Sky Trainer Pete.

With hard work, dedication and Peter’s sound advice, Michael was able to lose 23lbs and 4.5% body fat in just four months! He said he also felt stronger and was more flexible.

Since his transformation, Michael has received numerous compliments. He said his friends and family say, “[they] were amazed at the changes in [his] physical appearance and [he] was told that [he] looks happier and healthier.”

We asked Michael if he had any advice for the skeptics. He said, “just get started. It’s tough to make it happen, but if you do, you will see results quickly and that alone will keep you on track in your fitness journey”.

While at Big Sky Newington, Michael met Michael. Michael Mauro was on a similar journey. He was looking to gain muscle and look better. Michael M. trained with Peter as well and was able to lose 18lbs and 5% body fat in just four months!

For Michael M. the best thing about his weight loss journey thus far is that people are noticing the changes. He uses that to fuel his fire and it motivates him to work hard and eat right.

Way to go, Michael and Michael! Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing your stories.


Left to right: Michael D, Peter, Michael M

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