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Linda Yacone of Farmington joined Big Sky New Britain in January of 2015.  Her 20th wedding anniversary was coming up, and she was planning a big vacation for the summer.  She wanted to get healthy, feel good, and look better.  With a health issue that arose in the late fall, it was time to change her lifestyle. Linda Y Before2

“Being 42 with hypothyroidism, I needed something besides medication to help me feel better and boost my energy level, while helping me lose weight and tone up.  Working with an awesome trainer, keeping to a workout regime, and staying focused on the long term end result kept me motivated to reach my goals.”Linda Y in dress

Not only did Linda lose 49.5 pounds in the 6 months before summer, she also told us she now has more energy to stay active with her family, and “can walk into a store and not feel self conscious about buying clothes.”

We asked Linda to share some words of advice for someone that might just be starting their own fitness journey.  She said “Taking that first step and signing up is the hardest step, but once you do, and you start seeing results, it will keep you motivated to work hard and reach your ultimate goal.”

Great Job Linda – Thanks for sharing your story with us !

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