overcoming the unthinkable

Tracey Denney has been working out at Big Sky Newington and seeing great results.  We asked if she would share her story to help inspire those who may be facing similar challenges, and she kindly agreed to do so.  Here’s Tracey’s story:

“In mid-October, 2014, the unthinkable happened.  My Mom, my best friend, passed away from complications in surgery.  It was supposed to be a routine procedure.  None of us were prepared for that outcome.

The grief was overwhelming and all encompassing.  I didn’t know what to do with myself as I did not have coping skills to manage such a devastating and unexpected loss.  It seemed there were two viable options, I could turn to the bottle as so many people do, or I could dive into physically working my way through the balled knot of grief and anxiety. I chose the latter option.

Tracey Denney - beforeI was fortunate to have Samantha assigned as my trainer.   Samantha is genuine and truly cares about her clientele and their well being.  On numerous occasions, she offered to be there for me should I ever need to talk.  While I may not have taken her up on it often, the gesture meant more than I can say.

I did really well with exercising and following the dietary guidelines until May of 2015.  May is a bad month for me.  Not only is it Mother’s Day, but also my Mom’s birthday.  The emotional eating took control.  And if I’m completely honest, I slept in more often instead of going to the gym.  Helloooo weight loss plateau for about seven months. 

In February, The Buzz featured Brandon Pho and one of his comments resonated with me.  “How bad do I want this?”  I wrote that down on the board I have in my room.  I see it every morning as I head out the door.  Armed with that phrase and a revised meal plan that had me eating six small meals a day, I finally broke through my plateau.  I’m not at my goal weight yet but I plan on getting there. Tracey Denney - after

I’m not sure where this cache of determination and discipline came from.  I had to stop allowing myself “…oh, just this once.” or “…I’ll start again on Monday.”  I had to say no to so many temptations.  Going out for happy hour meant having club soda with lemon and lime instead of a drink. But it’s ok because it’s working and the results and compliments are motivating.  I was easily a size 18. Depending on which brand I’m shopping, I’m now a size 4 or 6.

I lift more than I ever thought I could lift and I love having that strength.  There used to be days where the pain from my scoliosis was so crippling, I could barely walk.  Those days have been eliminated.  I’m running longer distances than I ever have and participate in obstacle races and fun runs.    

My days of emotional eating have subsided.  I still have a “cheat” snack or meal on occasion, not daily like in the past.  On stressful days, I look forward to going for a run with my dog to release that tension.  And if I go a few days without getting in some type of workout, I start to feel anxious and irritable. 

I extend a very heartfelt thank you to Samantha for all her help and support through my journey.  I’m also grateful for the wonderful friends I have made through our sessions in the past two years.”

tracey - call to actionThank you for sharing your story Tracey.  Keep up the great work. You’re an inspiration.

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