how bad do I want this?

College student Brandon Pho wanted to look better and feel healthier when a family member recommended he check out Big Sky Vernon.  Brandon had recently had a doctor visit where he was given information about high blood pressure and other health concerns.  His primary goal starting out was to lose 25 pounds and change his lifestyle.brandonpho

After working with his trainer Alexis Gaviria, and focusing on “self-control around food” Brandon has lost 31.5 pounds and 10% bodyfat !  He credits his Trainer Lexi with keeping him motivated.  Now Brandon does a combination of cardio and strength training 6 days a week.

We asked Brandon what advice he would give to someone who’s just starting out and he told us, “It’s 100% mental.  If you’re determined to change your lifestyle then you have to start with making zero excuses and just keep asking yourself “How bad do I want this”?

Congratulations on your weight loss success Brandon !  And keep up the great work !

Always remember… Better Gyms. Better Workouts.  Better Results !

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