Jennifer’s success story

Jennifer Pezzente has been working with Big Sky Trainer Jeremiah at the Vernon gym.  Here’s her story:

“My entire weight loss journey began in 2002, when I stopped weighing myself after I saw the scale tip at about 250 lbs.  I was always heavy, in high school I never weighed far outside of 200 lbs, but this was the worst.  I put on a bit more after I stopped weighing myself, I’d guess another 10 lbs. at least, and finally decided to do something about it.  At first I did it on my own, learning how to work out and eat right, but the two-step-forward-one-step-back method was grueling.  Eight years later I hit my goal of 160…100 lbs gone !  Since then, I’ve been trying to see what my optimal condition is while trying to maintain.  I had gotten down to 153, but then about 20 lbs returned- and it didn’t want to leave. 

jennifer p - afterI came across Big Sky when I moved to town and joined in the summer of 2014.  After my first visit, I decided that this was no longer something I could do on my own if I was going to reach my goals, so I decided to give the training a try.  Being accountable to someone other than myself was something I needed.  I was scheduled to work with Jeremiah; of course, never meeting this person I was a bit anxious going in for my initial appointment.

My first meeting with Jeremiah reset the tone; he made me feel comfortable from the beginning.  We talked about goals and accountability, and the plan of “commitment in everything”, from meal plans to a multi-phase customized workout.  I was in !

It’s been nothing short of a great experience, to say the least !  I’ve been pushed beyond limits I didn’t realize I had for myself, have achieved strength above what I’ve ever had, and can actually run for distance- something I’ve never been able to do in my life. And my muscles…I’ve never seen them so well !  Jeremiah makes sure that I’m pushing myself as hard as I want to be pushed, but not too hard.  I find that my weekly appointments with Jeremiah are fun, and the small training group he placed me in is a good fit.  He’s always positive and has no problem helping me keep perspective.

Every part of my experience while working with Jeremiah has been a positive one.  I’m still working toward my goals, as I know I can do much more.  To this point, the numbers on the scale have lowered about 10 lbs, my muscle has grown, and my wardrobe has been experiencing replacements in smaller sizes!  Some women go to the spa or get their hair done to treat themselves; working with my trainer is my treat for myself, with results that I get to enjoy every day.”  

Since Jennifer wrote this, she’s lost an additional 12 pounds.
Congratulations on your success Jennifer !  You’re an inspiration !

Always remember… Better Gyms, Better Workouts, Better RESULTS !

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