brenda’s success story

Big Sky Vernon member, Brenda Apt, drove by the gym for years, before finally stopping by to take a look around.  Brenda never had to worry about her weight before, but after she quit smoking, she’d gained 60 pounds.  She had lost quite a bit of it on her own, but still wanted to lose the last 15 pounds and tone up.  Her goal was to get back to her pre-quitting weight.brenda before

Since she started Team Training with Big Sky Trainer Deyquan Little, Brenda’s lost 12 pounds and 6 inches.  She tells us she feels stronger, leaner, has a higher endurance level, and LOTS more confidence !  In addition to training with Deyquan, her activities now include Zumba, Spinning, weight training, and walking her dog. 

brenda afterWe asked Brenda how she accomplished her goal and she said “I never gave up !  Even when I was discouraged, I kept going to the gym.  Working with a group gave me accountability and made me work harder.  So keep going.  Every little bit makes a difference.  You may not see results right away, but the day will come when you look in the mirror and think… when did I start looking this good?”

We think you look GREAT Brenda.  Keep up the fantastic work.  You’re an inspiration !

Always remember… Better Gyms, Better Workouts, Better RESULTS !

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