Sandy’s Success Story

Sandy Nenninger of Plainville already knew she needed to start working out when she saw the signs for the Big Sky in New Britain as she was driving on route 72.  She wanted to lose some weight in order to look better, feel better, and boost her confidence.  Plus, her doctor kept telling her that she needed to lose weight to lower her blood pressure.   Sandy admits she had tried several times to get started on her own unsuccessfully, and had basically given up. 

sandy - before and after

After joining Big Sky, Sandy began working with Trainer Jeremy Goodman.  By tracking her calories and sticking with her scheduled workouts, not only has Sandy lost 32 pounds and 8.5% body fat, she’s also been able to cut her blood pressure medication in half !

Now people tell her “You look AMAZING” and we agree ! 

Great job Sandy – Keep up the good work !

Sandy - call to action

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