Thanksgiving Survival 101

The average person eats 3,000 calories during the Thanksgiving meal, plus another 1,500 on snacks and drinks.  That’s 4,500 calories in all, and about 45 percent of them come straight from fat!  Unless you’re running a marathon that day, you need to reel it in, just a tad.  Here are some tips to help you stay in check on Thanksgiving!

  1. Run a Road Race. Sign up for a Thanksgiving Day Race or ask your trainer for a body-weight workout you can do at home or a local park.
  2. Eat Before Your Meal. That’s right!  The big mistake a lot of people make is to “fast” before the “feast.”  That just sets you up for failure.  Be sure you eat throughout the day to keep yourself from binging at the dining room table.
  3. Hydrate! Drink a good amount of water all day long. Not only is it good for you, it’ll keep you from grabbing snacks when you really just need some H2O. Go easy on non-water drinks, especially ones full of sugar and/or alcohol. You don’t want to have a ton of liquid calories with a big meal ahead of you!
  4. Dress to Impress. Save your baggy, comfy clothes for another occasion. Instead, break out something form-fitting; think skinny jeans, a curve hugging dress, or a fitted button down shirt. You’ll be less likely to overeat if you’re wearing something a little snug, because you’ll start feeling uncomfortable more quickly.  If you can make it through the meal without having to unbutton your pants or change into sweatpants, you’re doing well!
  5. Plan Ahead. Decide ahead of time what you’ll eat.  It’s really easy, once people start passing dishes around, to take a generous helping of everything. Don’t!  Assess the spread, and then take a moderate amount of your super-faves, followed by a taste or two of unfamiliar items.
  6. Use a Smaller Plate. People tend to serve themselves considerably less food in small bowls or plates.  If you can, eat off colorful plates versus white.  Studies show that people eat more when light-colored foods, such as turkey and mashed potatoes, are served on white or cream plates. Research has found that the more contrast between your food and plate color, the less you’re likely to eat — or overeat.  Bring on the bold-colored plates!
  7. Join the Cleanup Crew. One hour spent clearing the table and washing dishes while you’re standing can whittle off about 100 or so calories. Plus your host will be grateful!
  8. Walk It Off. After the big meal invite the table to go for a nice walk around the block or engage in a game of football.  I know your next thought is “What if someone throws up?!”  Well, hopefully that won’t happen!  But if it does… well that’s a story that will be shared around the table for many years to come!  lol!

Always remember… Better Gyms, Better Workouts, Better RESULTS !

ps – need some ideas for what to do with that leftover turkey? Find our healthy turkey soup recipe HERE!

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