Eating Healthy on the Go

This week we have a guest post from Big Sky Vernon Team Member, Anne Crone!


Eating Healthy on the Go… My “Genie in a Bottle” (in this case Mason Jar Salads!)

I, like so many, am guilty as charged.  You might as well arrest me now!  The crime?  Giving in to quick and easy, less than healthy, on-the-go food choices.  My defense?  The busier we get, the harder it is to eat healthy!  What’s a busy working mom to do?

My simple solution was swiping my debit card at a local restaurant, grocery store and on occasion “fast food chain” YIKES!  Costly and not always the healthiest of choices.

debit card

Searching on Pinterest for healthy lunch options, I found that with just a a little bit of prep and planning, I was able to eat a healthy, tasty lunch.  And save some greenbacks to boot!!  What’s the solution?  Mason Jar Salads!!

The secret to a Mason Jar salad is “layering”. mason jar salad

Layer One:  The dressing goes in first.  This is vital to the survival of your salad… unless you like your salads soggy.

Layer Two:  Add the hard veggies; carrots, peppers, celery, cucumbers, cauliflower, broccoli etc.

Layer Three:  Add the soft veggies; tomatoes, beans, avocado, onions etc.

Layer Four: Anything big or chunky, yes it must fit in the jar!  Proteins and or grains (pasta or quinoa) would typically make up this layer.

Layer Five: Add the “fixings” like nuts, dried fruit and cheese.

Last Step:  Leafy greens go in last.  This way when you unload it into a bowl the greens will create the salad bed.  Be sure to pack the layers as tight as possible.  The less air between layers, the longer the salad will last.

I lied.  The REAL last step… and my fav…  to eat this bad boy !!!  ENJOY 🙂

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