Five Tips for a Fit and Fun Vacation !

Months before most people go on that long awaited vacation, they prepare.  Typical vacation prep isn’t just about booking and planning your trip.  Vacation planning also includes working on your diet and exercise… especially if your vacation destination requires putting on a bathing suit!  Before leaving on your trip, “saint like” behaviors include but are not limited to: spending hours every week working out, religiously making entries to MyFitnessPal and bypassing several tasty-smelling fast food joints on your way to the grocery store, where you buy ingredients for a healthy, home-cooked meal.

This is, of course, until you go away.  When it comes to maintaining healthy habits, nothing can derail your efforts faster than a vacation or long weekend away.  You’re faced with temptation everywhere, and it seems impossible to stick to your healthy routine.  It doesn’t have to be that way! Before you leave home for the beach or the mountains this summer, prepare, plan ahead and finish reading this blog (duh!).

Stay Hydratedbottled water

People often confuse dehydration for “I’m hungry!”  Believe it or not, the simple act of sitting in a plane, or the physical task of driving, can leave you dehydrated.  If you’re driving, buy a case of bottled water for the road trip.  If you’re flying, once you’re through airport security, your first stop should be to pick up a big bottle of water.

Pack Snacks

With a little planning you’ll be snacking healthily all the way to your destination!  Try these snack options: nuts, fruit, popcorn, cheese sticks, peanut butter and/or whole grain crackers.

Healthy Eating

Call ahead to see if your hotel has a refrigerator.  If it does, stock it with healthy breakfast items, snacks and lunches so you can eat at least one meal a day in your room.  Your wallet may even smile 🙂

“Pre-eat” before going out for a larger high-fat meal.  Having a little food in your stomach, will prevent you from losing control and this allows you to maintain better control.  (Key word –  “better.”  Remember you are on vacation.) You can also ask for a “to-go” box for later.


Who doesn’t like being handed a cocktail while digging your toes in the soft, warm sand or while swinging on that porch swing watching the sun set?!?!  Can you say ahhhhh?  Oh wait! Those cocktails contain empty calories and may lower your inhibitions.  Be sure to limit the number of drinks you have (in one sitting of course!).

Another tip to remember… it’s all about balance.  If you pig out at dinner be mindful of your eating plan the following day.  Or eat half now and save the second half for later.

Keep Moving sup

Stay active!! Get off the beach chair!  Go for a walk.  Build a sandcastle. Go for a hike.  Wherever you are… do SOMETHING!

Look up running or hiking trails, spots where you can rent bikes (not motorized ones!), kayaks, stand-up paddle boards, or other fun toys.

Sightseeing while running or biking? Why not? Kill two birds with one stone by seeing all the tourist highlights while working on your health.

Will your efforts pay off?  Absolutely!  Enjoy your time away!!

Always remember… Better Gyms, Better Workouts, Better RESULTS !

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