How to Get Your First Pull Up!

Pull Ups are tough!  Most people struggle to get even one good pull up.  They’re a true test of upper body relative strength, meaning strength in relation to your body weight. So, the lighter you are the easier they will be.

If you’ve been struggling to get your first pull up, here’s a four-step plan to follow:

Step 1:  Start with TRX Rows.  Build up to four sets of 12 reps. 


Step 2:  Hangs: Just hang on the bar with your arms extended. Build up to four sets of 40 seconds.


Step 3: Static Holds: Now jump up and get your chin over the bar (if you can’t jump up, use a plyo box to step up) and hold yourself up there. Build up to four sets of 40 seconds.


Step 4: Negatives: Jump (or lift) yourself up so your chin is over the bar. Slowly lower yourself to a count of 5. Practice until you can do 3 sets of 8 negatives. If it’s too tough to start, you can use a band to help support your body weight.


Follow this plan at least three times a week for success!  Once you can do three sets of 8 negatives you should be able to knock out your first pull up!

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