Make Exercise Fun!

The many benefits of regular exercise include having a healthy heart, sleeping better, improving your mood, having more energy and keeping your weight in check, just to name a few. Exercise truly does help us lead longer and happier lives. The hard part is making exercise a habit. If it feels like a bad second job, you won’t stick with an exercise program. If exercise is fun you’re more likely to stick with it… and get the results you want!

Making exercise social makes exercise fun!  Here are a few ways to make that happen:

Make a workout date with a friend. Chances are if you promise a friend you’ll meet them at the gym, you won’t disappoint them. Some of the best friendships have been made in the gym. Plus, longer workouts end up being a wonderful time to gossip (lol), vent about your job, kids or significant other, and catch up on life in general.  We consider it therapy.

Another terrific way to make exercise fun is to take a Group Fitness class. Group classes can give you the extra push you need to reach your goals.  Sweating it out with a group of new friends is always fun!

Get a dog!  Seriously, you are more than likely going to get at least one or two walks in each day.  Picture that furry little friend looking at you and then glancing over at the leash. How can you resist?

What about meeting friends for a bike ride, a hike or a pickup basketball game instead of dinner and drinks?

The BEST way to make your workout fun? Work with a Big Sky Trainer!  They’ll get you moving in the right direction with “Team Training”. That’s what we call it when we match or “team you up” with 1 or 2 other clients to workout at the same time with your Trainer.  Everyone pushes and encourages each other, so you’ll stay motivated and of course get BETTER RESULTS…  FASTER!

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