Terri’s Success Story

Big Sky Newington Member Terri Manzi has kindly agreed to share her Success Story with us:

“185 lbs. That’s what the scale said at my doctor’s visit in March of 2015. My blood pressure was being kept at bay with medication and my cholesterol was sky-rocketing. I couldn’t believe I had let myself go like this. Never having struggled with weight issues my entire life and being able to eat whatever and whenever I wanted, had me in a complete sense of denial. Turning 58 in May scared me into realizing I needed to do something quickly; my health was deteriorating.  My doctor said menopause was the culprit and only I could change that with diet and exercise.

At the encouragement of a close friend and co-worker, Tracey, who was training at Big Sky, I decided to join the gym and give spin a try.  Disaster!  I could barely keep up, let alone finish a 45 minute class. Disgusted and discouraged, I decided to take advantage of the free training sessions offered.  I signed up with Samantha Watts, my journey began, and my life changed.sam and terri2

I was never a person to exercise and I hated gym in school, so Samantha had her hands full. She never wavered.  She stood by my side every agonizing, embarrassing step of the way with words of encouragement and support. “I can’t” were words I was not allowed to use. I shed many tears in my car alone after yet another horrific training session. Samantha made me believe in myself and made me realize that if I wanted to be successful, it was all on me. She was there to assist, but the onus of responsibility was mine alone. Her no-nonsense approach and “can do” attitude was contagious. 

Fast forward one year. I am now down 32 lbs and 5.8 percent body fat. I am now lighter, stronger, and in the best shape I’ve ever been in. I still have a long way to go but I’m up for the challenge and look forward to (and actually enjoy) exercising. My health has improved to the point that my medications will soon be a part of my past.terri before and after

How do you even begin to thank someone like Samantha for all she has done to change and enrich your life?  It’s not possible. She isn’t just a trainer at Big Sky, but a friend, supporter and confidant.  How many trainers do you know who will run alongside of you every step of the way, as you attempt to run your first 5k, offering nothing but encouragement and support?

My journey is not over. I still have more to accomplish and goals to attain, and Samantha… I’m counting on you to help me achieve them!”

Thank you for sharing your story Terri !  You can count on Samantha to continue to help you reach your new goals.  We look forward to hearing about your progress !

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