A Little Help Goes A Long Way

Melissa Brannen of New Britain passed the Big Sky gym everyday. She was committed to getting healthier and was determined to live a long and fulfilling life. This mother of four knew it was possible for her to lose weight, she just needed help. Enter New Britain Trainer, Maggie. With Maggie’s help Melissa was able to drop 25lbs and 5% body fat.

Although Melissa has lost weight and feels great she’s still working out with Maggie and doing some exercising on her own as well. Her favorite thing about Big Sky is that everyone is respectful and nice. Melissa says that her trainer, Maggie was extremely supportive and helped her tremendously.

We asked Melissa what the biggest compliment she’s ever gotten was and she said “the front desk staff saw me a few months later and said how great I looked”. Advice for those looking to start their fitness journey? Melissa says “Don’t give up. There’s going to be bumps in the road along the way. Just get up and keep going”.

Thanks for sharing your incredible transformation story with us, Melissa! You look fantastic!
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