Down 60 Pounds and 17% Body Fat !

Data Analyst Danny McNamara had just moved to Connecticut after college and was looking to join a gym in the area.  Like many others, he did some research online, and then went to visit Big Sky.  From his initial visit, he knew he had found the place he wanted to join.

At first Danny was nervous to get started.  He’d had knee surgery about a year prior and had gained some weight due to the inactivity.  After a few sessions with his trainer, Amanda LaBier, those nerves were gone along with any other skeptical thoughts.   Amanda and Danny set new goals each month, from increasing the number of push-ups or pull-ups he could complete, to specific weight or body fat loss goals.

When Danny joined he was 225 pounds, and now he’s down to 165!  He’s lost 17% body fat and his waist size went from a 38 to a 30!!  He’s also completed a Warrior Dash with Amanda and several other Big Sky Members.

Danny tells us that the best advice he could give anyone who’s just starting out is “Don’t be afraid to try something new, and if you’re going to do something, put everything you have into it.  Don’t leave a workout thinking and wishing you could do more, because you CAN!  Lastly, listen to your trainer and every time you go to the gym, try to learn something new.  You can never have enough knowledge.”

Congratulations on your success Danny!

Always remember… better gyms, better workouts, better RESULTS !

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