This Month’s Success Story:

Kelsey Phillips has seen amazing success working with Trainer Lisa Sawyer at Big Sky Newington.  After seeing her results, we asked her to share her story:

“When I first walked into Big Sky, I was a ball of nerves. I hated gyms, even though I used to work at one myself. I was uncomfortable and ashamed I had gotten so out of shape. I was so depressed after looking at my wedding photos, that some days it was a struggle to get out of bed. I had no energy, I constantly had heartburn, and just walking up stairs would sometimes be a challenge. I couldn’t believe I had allowed my body to get to this point. When I was offered the 2 free personal training sessions, it took me 10 minutes into my first one to know I had to sign up with Lisa. I knew I had to stop being this person I hated, and put my energy into fixing it.”

kelsey - before

“I chose personal training because I needed to be accountable for my nutrition and exercise. I knew that if I had someone monitoring my workouts and my daily food intake, I would make sure I was doing it right. I needed someone to hold me accountable for my actions as well, and instead of telling me it’s okay to eat unhealthy, telling me why it’s not.

I set a date of April 2015 to reach my goals. This would bring me to my first wedding anniversary with my husband, and my hope is to take all new wedding photos so I can be proud of how I look, instead of trying to hide my pictures from anyone who wants to see them!

My energy levels are excellent now! My body feels great. I wake up in the morning ready to tackle the day. I feel prepared for any challenge coming my way. Instead of taking the elevator at work, I take the stairs- and instead of waking up in the morning only to lie on the couch, I get to the gym! I’ve never felt so alive. I’ve taken up running, and instead of getting my nails done to have “me” time, I put in headphones and go for a long run. My head feels clear, my anxiety is at bay, and I feel like a different person.  I love running. I try to get a run in every morning when I wake up. It’s really the perfect way to start my day. I love racing. I’ve entered 4 this summer, and love the challenge of trying to beat my last time. I never thought I’d be able to easily run 3-4 miles. Now that I’ve accomplished that, I look forward to what else I can achieve. I’m looking forward to next race season, and hopefully getting myself into some half marathons and tough mudders!”

kelsey phillips

“Anytime I’m complimented on my weight loss, it’s the best. I’m so proud of my accomplishments, and it just makes me beam when other people recognize my hard work. I’m at a point where I feel great, and other people are quick to see that and point it out, which just motivates me further!


Whenever I feel discouraged or unmotivated, I think of how much harder it would be to let myself go and start over, rather than just pushing through an hour workout. I know that in a year from now, I can either look back and regret everything I didn’t do, and for not pushing myself, or I can look back and think of how much my journey has changed me for the better. I can either look back and be satisfied with how far I’ve come, or I can wish I had done more.”

kelsey after 2

“Be the person who comes further then they thought was possible. Step out of your comfort zone, and push yourself. It may be scary at the time, but I can promise you, no one’s ever regretted a workout. The only regret you can have is not doing one.”


Thanks for sharing your story Kelsey.  You’re an inspiration!  We look forward to seeing those new wedding photos, and to hearing about your future accomplishments.

Always remember… better gyms, better workouts, better RESULTS !

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