Goal Setting 101

We hear lots of talk about setting goals and making resolutions at this time of year.   ‘Tis the season for goal setting, right?  But here’s the truth . . . most of us fail to follow through with our resolutions.  Shocking, right?  One of the main reasons for this is that we all know what we want to accomplish, but most of us have no real plan in place to reach that “goal”.

Would you set out on a vacation and just hop in the car, throw caution to the wind and hope the car steers you in the right direction???  We’re sure most of you would answer this with a “WTH!!!  Of course I wouldn’t!”  So don’t do the same with your goals.  To keep your resolutions you need “GPS”, also known as a plan.

So here’s the plan.  This year, before you start thinking about goals, define your priorities.  If you ask most people, “what are your top priorities?” they would be able to rattle off the 3 things that are most important to them in their lives.  Do the same.  Rattle off the top three things and write them down.

Then take it one step further.  Keeping your top three priorities in front of you, write down your goals, and make sure those goals are in line with your priorities.

Finally, break down your goals into manageable “baby steps”.

Use a pen and a piece of paper.   That’s right…  that piece of paper that usually ends up getting lost or covered with a large coffee ring, that’s the one!  But this year, keep it somewhere you’ll see it every day.  Maybe that’s inside your medicine cabinet, so you see it when you reach for the toothpaste every morning.  Maybe it’s posted on your computer screen.  Maybe it becomes the lock screen on your phone.  Wherever you’ll see it every day.  That’s where you post your goals.   

Finally, break your goal down into manageable “mini-goals”.  For example, if your goal is “to lose 20 pounds by summer!” break that goal down further – “I will lose 10 pounds by the end of March”.  Then break it down even more.  A goal for each month, then each week.  Maybe even a goal for each day!

Now set your plan into action!  It’s one thing to declare your weight loss goal and another to get started.

So set up a detailed workout schedule, download the MyFitnessPal app, start wearing an activity tracker like a fit-bit, or hire a trainer.  A huge part of working with a trainer is accountability to your goals – they’ll make sure you’re sticking to your end of the bargain.  And working with a trainer can help you reach your goals faster than if you try to do it alone!

Setting goals can be motivating… and inspiring… and encouraging… and scary… and overwhelming… and phenomenal… all rolled into one. 

Just remember, goals don’t just happen on their own, you have to take steps toward them, even if it’s just one little baby step, every single day.   You can do it.

Always remember… Better Gyms, Better Workouts, Better RESULTS !

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