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Here’s a guest post from Big Sky Vernon Group-X Director, Anne Crone… Enjoy !

Most of us know we need to start the day with a good breakfast, yet many avoid it like the plague.  (We can be stubborn people, it’s true.) In fact, fewer than half of us consume the day’s most important meal.  Breakfast really is important!  If you replace it with a cup of coffee (or nothing at all), you’ll eat worse throughout the day than if you had taken the time to pour yourself a bowl of cereal, make some eggs, or even just grab a piece of fruit or a protein bar.

There are many benefits of eating breakfast (besides tasting great!):


Breakfast can help prevent weight gain.

Did you skip breakfast today?  If you did, you are probably already thinking about lunch. You’re probably pretty hungry. And one doesn’t need a crystal ball to know that when you finally do eat, you’re going to eat a lot.  People who don’t eat breakfast consistently eat food that’s worse for them the rest of the day, and more of it.  We tell ourselves that skipping a meal will make us thinner and healthier. Wrong!  The longer you wait, the more you’re going to eat. Do that every day and it starts to add up.  End result, you’ll gain weight.

Think of your body like a fire pit.  Fuel the fire and rev up the metabolism. Skip breakfast . . . oops barely a flame in your “fire pit”.  So bottom line, if you want a higher metabolism – EAT BREAKFAST !

Breakfast can increase alertness and concentration

Eating a good breakfast will make you a better, more efficient thinker throughout the day.  “Breaking the fast” may enhance memory, improve cognitive ability and increase your attention span.

Breakfast puts you in a better mood

No one likes to be around a “Hangry” person !hangry

Be a Good Role Model !

If your kids see you skipping breakfast, more than likely, they will too.  Set a good example for your kids and start your day with breakfast!

Breakfast Ideas:

You don’t need to wrack your brain thinking of healthy, yet simple things to have for breakfast.  A nice balance of carbs, protein and fat will hold you over until your mid-morning snack, or even until lunch, if you can last that long!  Try these easy ideas:

Eggs, whole wheat English muffin and cheese

Fruit and yogurt with kashi cereal and almonds

Peanut butter on whole wheat waffles

Oatmeal, fruit and nuts

Pizza, hot or cold, gives you everything you need to jump start your day

Leftovers work well too !

Always remember… better gyms, better workouts, better RESULTS !

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