Big Sky Fitness Success Story – No Regrets

Carol Breault, mother of three and career nurse, had been having severe migraines and experiencing spells of low energy. She had been driving by the Big Sky in New Britain and one day, decided to stop in and take a look around.

Carol was skeptical at first about losing weight. She had tried in the past at other facilities but found herself in a “weight-loss plateau.” It wasn’t until she started working with Maggie, a Big Sky Trainer, that her plateau transformed into uphill progress.

Beginning her weight-loss journey as a size 18, Carol is now 60-lbs lighter and 10 dress sizes smaller. Her new healthy lifestyle consists of hiking, snowshoeing and she has even fallen in love with those rigorous Spartan Races!

Carol credits her success to her trainer Maggie and says Big Sky helped by “getting [her] into circuit workouts, strength and endurance training and food tracking.” Carol admits that “it’s hard and you’re not always going to feel like doing it, but it’s so worth it!” Her favorite part of her transformation is the compliments she gets, especially this one from her kids; “mom, you are so jacked!”

Thanks for sharing your story Carol – Keep up the great work!

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