No More Pain, All Gains

David Frey of Simsbury had been struggling with back issues for years. As an avid skier and father of two, David wanted to be more agile and nimble. He watched his wife’s transformation after years of being a member at Big Sky Simsbury and decided it was his time to join!


Dave and his wife Brigid.

His main goal was strengthening his legs and core while remedying his chronic back problems. With the help of his trainer, Gene Aeschlimann, David was able to alleviate his back pain and continue skiing with his family.


Dave and his Big Sky Trainer Gene.

Working with Gene, David says, “was the best decision [he] ever made for [his] physical health”. David admits that finding the time to go to the gym had always prevented him from working out, but with a trainer, he was committed three days a week and was accountable for showing up.

When we asked David what his favorite thing about his transformation was, he said without hesitation, “being able to keep up with my kids. Whether its skiing, hiking, or broom hockey, my back is no longer an issue and I am stronger because of Gene’s help”.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Dave !

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