She’s down 4 SIZES!

Laurie Butler of Andover had lost some weight on her own but she knew that exercise would help her continue to lose weight and reach her goal of looking and feeling better.  Her mom had a Silver Sneakers membership at Big Sky Vernon so she decided to give the gym a try. 

Since Laurie started working with Jenn, her Big Sky Trainer, she’s down 4 sizes, off her anti-inflammatory meds, her energy has increased, and she tells us she feels great!  Before beginning her exercise program, her back had been hurting and she thought it was her mattress.  Now her back no longer hurts, she’s not always hot, and she’s noticed that she’s snoring less so the quality of her sleep has really improved, adding to that increased energy.

We asked Laurie to share her favorite thing about Big Sky and she told us that she really enjoys the time she spends with her Trainer and whomever else is scheduled in her Team Training session.  She loves that the time goes by quickly and the workout doesn’t ever get stale.  Plus, seeing everyone work hard and sweat together is super motivating!

Laurie’s workouts now include strength training both on her own and with her Trainer, indoor and outdoor cycling, using the elliptical machine, and even making use of her idle time by doing core exercises while waiting for the microwave or copier at work.  People have noticed her getting smaller and more toned and have made comments about how great she looks, and we agree!

Thanks for sharing your success Laurie… and keep up the GREAT work!!

Always remember… Better Gyms, Better Workouts, Better RESULTS !

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